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About Us

SunnyRidge Acres is our pride and joy as it is our dream brought to reality. We are located on nearly 30 acres of hardwood forest with interconnecting trails through ravines and steep ridges.

We are a large Canadian family that sought a simpler life bringing us all back to basic roots. Here on our property we enjoy our gardens, log our woods to make clearings, prepare wood to be seasoned to keep our home warm during the winter months and tap our trees to make our very own maple syrup over our family fire pit. Not only do we enjoy making SunnyRidge Acres 'Liquid Gold', but it is absolutely delicious!

Along with our large family, we also have our extended family of fur babies. Our dogs are raised with our children and get to enjoy running our property and exploring its terrain. We focus on raising top quality Registered Bernese Mountain Dogs that are happy and healthy, producing puppies that are well socialized before they are ready for their forever homes.

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