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Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large size breed originating from the Swiss Alps. Males grow to be about 80-120lbs (Ht 61-71cm) and females 70-110lbs (Ht 56-66cm), living about 6-8 years.


They have a gorgeous thick coat that is black, rust and white coloured with the characteristic white cross across their chest. Some are even born with a small white tuft of hair on the back of the neck known as the, 'swiss kiss'. With this gorgeous coat of fur this also means that they require regular brushing to help with shedding and matting. 

Although the temperament of individual dogs may vary, the Bernese Mountain Dog is good-natured and self-assured with a calm disposition making them an excellent family companion with a strong desire to please. 

They are well-behaved in the house but require regular activity and exercise. Typically the Berner will have short bursts of energy and speed but do not have a great deal of endurance (You may find that they lay down for breaks while walking, especially in warmer weather). 

We expect that anyone who is interested in the Bernese Mountain Dog has thoroughly researched the breed and is aware of typical health concerns that may be associated with this breed. We also invite you to ask any questions you may have before deciding that this is the breed for you.

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