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Our puppies are well socialized getting lots of love and affection from the time they are born to the time they unite with their forever family.

As premium members of the Canadian Kennel Club, all puppies are registered. You will receive a Canadian Kennel Club Certificate as well as complimentary 6 week health insurance. Each puppy is micro-chipped for permanent identification and registered to your name and address. They are also vaccinated, dew claws removed and de wormed 3x with a veterinary health record for your keeping. All puppies are sold with a non-breeding contract.

It is of utmost importance that our puppies are placed in loving homes that are best fitted for a healthy Bernese Mountain dog. Things to consider would be whether or not you have the space and time to accommodate a large breed dog? Do you have a means to provide regular exercise? Obedience training is highly recommended, do you have the time to commit to raising a well behaved dog? Do you have the financial means to provide veterinary care, spayed/neutered and the costs associated with food and grooming? 

We are here not only for the beginning of your puppy's journey but, also to help answer any questions that may arise throughout your dogs life. We love to keep in touch with those who adopt from us and we encourage you to send us updates as well as pictures of your furry family!

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